Perimeter awning


Textile transparency effects

Vertical blinds that can be integrated into pergolas are the ideal solution for providing a comfortable and elegant outdoor environment, protected from wind and heat. The warm, natural-looking fabric of the blinds filters up to 95% of UV rays, creating a cosy space protected from wind and heat

Sun protection: zip curtains

A wide range of colours and technical solutions to adapt the awnings to specific needs. The vertical awnings that can be integrated into the pergolas ensure excellent performance in terms of wind and heat resistance, while allowing for views towards the outside.

Perimeter awning types

Perimeter awnings are available in two types: Soltis Perform 92 and Soltis Veozip.
The former acts as a real heat shield, blocking up to 97% of the heat; the latter allows you to make the most of natural light while enjoying the view outside thanks to its unparalleled transparency.