Mioni: 40 years of tradition, experience and innovation

Our business dates back to 1979, when we gained a foothold in the market as a specialised glassworks. We have since expanded
our production, and are now able to provide customers with a comprehensive range of outdoor covers, canopies and pergolas for residential, industrial and urban use.

Over the years, we have improved and optimised our production processes, constantly investing in modern technologies and gaining a deeper understanding of innovative materials such as aluminium alloys and compact polycarbonate. All this has enabled us to achieve outstanding quality, so we can satisfy our customers’ every need.

We enhance outdoor environments with designer creations able to respond to the specific features of each project, relying on our across-the-board expertise that covers design, manufacture and installation.

Functional designer creations, Made in Italy

Technological innovation and craftsmanship skill are evident in each one of our outdoor projects.
We strongly believe that both innovation and craftsmanship expertise are essential to design quality pergolas and canopies.
Our products are the result of a design study process that teams traditional craftsmanship with new technologies. Every single structural profile of our solutions is individually designed, cut and painted to ensure painstaking attention to every detail.


Innovation, quality and safety are the hallmark elements of Vitrum Mioni’s production experience. The materials and technologies used are constantly tested and improved to ensure top quality and maximum safety. The use of high quality materials, combined with the precise measurements and analyses carried out during the design phase, ensure that our pergolas and canopies have optimal resistance even in adverse weather conditions.

EN 1090-1
UNI EN 1991-1-3:2010 “Action on structures – Snow load”
UNI EN 1991-1-4:2010 “Action on structures – Wind actions”

A sustainable production approach.

For Vitrum Mioni, sustainability is an approach to production evident in how our raw materials are sourced and processed. We use 100% recyclable aluminium to design our pergolas and shelters, so they can be recycled in the future.
When processing raw materials, we seek to avoid waste, and we source them exclusively from Italian suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of transport.