A relaxed and sociable oasis in a beautiful garden

A relaxed and sociable oasis in a beautiful garden

Installed in a large, well-maintained garden, embellished with flower beds and majestic trees, the Open+ bioclimatic pergola by Mioni is the ideal continuation of a splendid modern villa.

Custom-made with generous dimensions of 507×566 cm, the structure blends harmoniously with the style of the house thanks to the dove grey-coloured paintwork that matches the exterior façades.

The 3 sides of the pergola are equipped with elegant Veozip vertical blinds in filtering fabric, which can be opened and closed to regulate visibility and privacy. The LED perimeter lighting, meanwhile, diffuses a pleasant white light to make the environment welcoming even at night.

The versatility of the bioclimatic pergola, with adjustable slats to regulate shade and ventilation, makes it perfect for socialising outdoors: whether it is lunching with friends or relaxing evenings in the open air, you can stay cool in the garden and be surrounded by the delicious scents of nature. A corner of paradise that Mioni has helped to create in this amazing garden.

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Luogo:Vicenza (VI) - Italia