New spaces for everyday living with the Alluveranda pergola.

New spaces for everyday living with the Alluveranda pergola

Expand your living space with the Alluveranda aluminium pergola with fixed roof. The strength of this model lies in the insulated panels, which ensure an excellent seal against rain, wind and snow.

The requirements were to achieve better thermal performance compared to other pergolas, create a room with panoramic panels that would allow the outside environment to be seen, and create a central area and side compartments that could be used as storage space. The solution involved fitting the pergola with sliding side panels to establish a connection between the indoor and outdoor space, adapting the pergola to different uses and weather conditions, and the creation of two side compartments with insulated perimeter walls, to ensure uniformity with the roof.

A highly efficient solution from a functional point of view, which made it possible to expand the space for everyday living, without structurally intervening on the house.

Project details
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