The Openair pergola as an extension of your home.

The Openair pergola as an extension of your home.

The minimalist design of the Openair bioclimatic pergola blends perfectly with the refined aesthetics of a modern villa in the Vicenza area.

The pergola is designed as an extension of the house, creating a direct connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, leading directly to the swimming pool surrounded by greenery.

The opening of the adjustable slats can be regulated electrically, constantly adapting exposure to the sun, thus lowering the temperature and optimising air exchange. The pergola thus creates an outdoor dining area that can be used at any time of day or evening thanks to the integrated Spot Led lighting on the blades.

In order to ensure an aesthetic result in harmony with the design of the house, the pergola was custom-coloured to create a continuum with the exterior paintwork of the house.

Project details
Luogo:Schio - VI
Architetto:Arch. Broglio Massimo