A custom-made Openair pergola for unique events in the Maleva Rovigo venue

A custom-made Openair pergola for unique events in the Maleva Rovigo venue

The renowned venue Maleva Rovigo in Villanova del Ghebbo (RO), a reference point in the Rovigo area, has chosen a custom-made outdoor roofing and furnishing solution to make the most of the space in its patios.

The customer needed to exploit the beautiful outdoor area of the venue throughout the year by constructing a roof, both to protect it from the sun and rain during lunchtime and to host evening events, even in the winter season. However, given the peculiar arrangement of the buildings, it was necessary to think of an out-of-box solution. To do this, given the large dimensions – total depth of 1282 cm, width of 835 cm on the short side and 1540 cm on the long side – we designed a structure consisting of 4 Openair bioclimatic pergola modules that can be opened and 4 with fixed slats. The fixed modules were also made with the same slats chosen for the ones that can be opened, in order to give stylistic continuity and aesthetic harmony to the entire structure.

The large panoramic windows of the pergolas allow diners to be comfortably accommodated both at lunchtime and for evening events, with the possibility of opening and closing the modules depending on the weather conditions.

The essential design in line with the style of the venue, the custom paintwork matching the colour of the fixtures and the elegant RGB LED lights diffused throughout, enhance and embellish the outdoor spaces with contemporary charm.

With this custom-made Made in Italy solution, Mioni has thus enabled the Maleva Rovigo venue to benefit from a functional outdoor space with an original design, perfectly integrated with the existing architecture.

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Luogo:Villanova del Ghebbo (RO)