The Open+ bioclimatic pergola to enhance the magic of the Chalet Europa Nature & Relax

The Open+ bioclimatic pergola to enhance the magic of the Chalet Europa Nature & Relax

Chalet Europa Nature & Relax, located in the beautiful setting of Monte Interrotto in Asiago, offers its guests a unique gastronomic experience, immersed in the unspoilt beauty of the surrounding nature.

To make the most of this magical location, the Chalet has been equipped with an elegant outdoor area made with the bioclimatic pergola Open+ by Mioni.

The self-supporting, generously sized structure blends harmoniously into its natural surroundings, thanks to the essential lines that recall the design of mountain chalets and the graphite-coloured paintwork with a sable finish.

Particularly appreciated is the electronic snow melting system with which the pergola slats are equipped: a sensor that detects temperature and humidity activates the heating elements, preventing snow from accumulating on the structure. In this way, the pergola can also be used without problems in the winter season.

The vertical blinds integrated in the pergola, in addition to regulating shading, make the environment cosy and intimate. While the panoramic windows which can be opened and closed depending on the season, allow the surrounding scenery to be appreciated at all times.

In the evening, the refined LED lighting diffuses soft light to experience the magic of the chalet even after sunset, while enjoying traditional dishes in a fairytale atmosphere.

The Open+ pergola has thus made it possible to create an elegant and functional outdoor space that enhances the enchantment of the natural setting in which the Chalet Europa Nature & Relax is located.

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Luogo:Asiago (VI) - Italia