An Openair pergola extends the outdoor spaces at the Thiene Tennis Club

An Openair pergola extends the outdoor spaces at the Thiene Tennis Club

A sophisticated Openair bioclimatic pergola by Mioni has created a welcoming covered outdoor area at the Thiene Tennis Club. The installation has created a large, protected space, combining functionality and minimalist design to provide an all-round experience for those who play tennis and visit the club.

The need to increase the number of seats in the bar and the usable area for members and visitors led to the idea of creating a large pergola area, with several Openair modules placed side by side. Despite the large size and 7-metre depth, the layout was specially designed to avoid placing columns in the central part, as these would have been a hindrance.

The solution adopted brings together the indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to the large sliding glass windows around the entire perimeter, which guarantee perfect natural lighting and an impressive view of the playing fields.

With its aluminium construction and adjustable louvres, the Openair ensures excellent protection even in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow or strong wind. At the same time, it enables the light and air intake to be adjusted, for a comfortable environment all year round.

The elegant perimeter LED strips complete the ambience with attractive lighting that enables socialising and relaxation to continue into the evening hours.

Thanks to the Openair, the Thiene Tennis Club can now offer its members an exclusive and versatile outdoor environment.

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Luogo:Thiene (Vicenza)