Creating a patio with the Open+ bioclimatic pergola

Creating a patio with the Open+ bioclimatic pergola

A patio should be seen as an extension of the restaurant itself, a place where guests can comfortably enjoy their meal.

The Covo del Ribelle restaurant in Rosà (VI) has chosen to exploit the large outdoor courtyard, creating an intimate and protected outdoor space with the Open+ bioclimatic pergola. The main feature of this pergola is the vertical awnings integrated into the structure on which the venue’s logo was also printed and which block the sun’s rays in summer while maintaining the ideal temperature.
To exploit the outdoor area also in winter and during in-between seasons, panoramic sliding panels were added which not only protect the interior from the weather, but also keep the room warm.

From an aesthetic-functional point of view, the pergola was supplied with a perimeter LED Strip lighting system, integrated into the structure, to create an intimate and evocative atmosphere and allow the patio to be enjoyed in the evening.

Project details
Luogo:Rosà - VI